Pharrell Williams Resource Center / Oppenheim Architecture + Design

We all know Pharrell Williams is much more than a musical genius he has deep interest in design as well. Mr. Williams has launched clothing lines, furniture lines and has a respectable architectural portfolio under his belt as well. The images below are from the PWRC(Pharrell Williams Resource Center) designed by Oppenheim and Pharrell.

"Oppenheim used a small forest on an open prairie, somehow saved from over development in the area, as the setting for the PWRC. Instead of observing the forest, he decided to engage and enhance it fully celebrating the wonders of the natural world with the design. The 30,000 square-foot eco-treehouse concept is imagined to empower the youth of Virginia Beach to reach their maximum potential and give a safe and nurturing environment to uncover and tune their passions. Rectilinear volume of different proportions and various reclaimed materials dance with and through the native trees, reconsidering a harmonious fusion between man and nature."