Zaha Hadid - Avilion Tri

Hadid states that this tap is designed with the fluid motion of water in mind, but once again, I take it as being inspired by the flowing nature of graffiti. See the project description below:

The new Avilion Triflow tap is inspired by the fluid movement of  water. As a standard tap design begins and ends with a geometric arc  which renders the water visible only when it leaves the faucet head. The  design by Zaha Hadid Architects creates a form derived from the  internal movements of water, as a single fluid gesture, where all parts  are meant to convey the continuous fl ow between tap, work surface, and  basin.

The Avilion Triflow Tap also incorporates unique manufacturing and  functional elements seamlessly into its design. It is revolutionary in  its shape as the manufacture incorporates the newest methods of rapid  prototyping with a unique ceramic coring process to create each tap as a   bespoke art piece. A separate waterway for purified water is controlled  by a touch sensitive electronic actuator while hot and cold are  controlled by a single lever which blends with the body of the form as  the faucet lightly balances on the work-top.

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