Hip Hop Architects' First Rap Video?!

This video, I must admit, is very catchy although the lyrics, beat and hook are beyond the definition of horrible. Reminds me of that song "Friday" by Rebecca Black. The idea of various professionals venues being introduced to the world through hip hop is not uncommon.

I don't think this is the appropriate representation of the potential behind the integration of hip hop and architecture however, its good to know that someone else thinks there is potential in the merger. The idea of using a rap song to introduce youth to the profession is a very clever idea, especially for the introduction of minorities to the profession.

I have to make a remix of this video!  

The video was created by YKKAP America Inc.  

I am an Architect (LYRICS) "Yo, Where my red lines at?" I picture Frank Lloyd Wright, while you think I'm Mike Brady And engineers devour our work and call us crazy We got rounded specs, but they ain't for looks It's from staring at our screens and all those history books We turn an empty space, into a world of possibility Maintaining privacy, and tranquility Graduate from school, about to change the world, But I'm stuck designing thrones with a clockwise swirl CHORUS We're architects oh!