My design process

I know your time is precious, and it would waste a lot of time to send me emails asking how to make a contract with me, so i made this page especially for you, my potential clients. Please read on to see how i form a contract using emails as well as the work flow of a logo design project.

Contract (read carefully)

To make sure a professional work flow and to eliminate any confusion, i will need an email contract before starting the project. Please note that i will use ONLY the email address during the contract/negotiation. After the contract, i will contact you using the email address for status reports and sending samples.

If you are in doubt whether email contracts are legal, please do some research about it before contacting me.

To begin, you send me a message of demand.

I will send you an email that include my offer of service as well as pricing.

If you don't agree with the services and/or pricing, please reply with your offer to begin the discussion.

This process may take several emails before coming to a final agreement.

After the deal, i will send you a recap email containing my personal identity, what i will do for the project, deliver files, timing, delays, pricing, payment method and when to pay as agreed during the negotiation.

Then you send me an email of your identity, and accepting the deal.

After the agreement, i will contact you via

Project begin

To begin a logo design project, i usually require 50% of the total price (this will be in the email contract as well). After the receiving initial agreement, i will begin the project by sending you a series of questions about your company as well as the logo you are looking for, your company information will be kept secret as a part of the contract.

As soon as the project begin, any demand of extra services outside of the email contract will not be possible unless we develop another contract for these services as well as pricing.


Any logo design project begins with sketches, i will make a lot of sketches on paper before picking 3 of them to vectorize.

Vectorize 3 sketches

I scan the 3 picked sketches and make vector version of them using Adobe Illustrator and send you the export low resolution (800x600 px) JPEG files.

Unlimited revision

You pick one of the 3 samples i sent and provide feedback about what need to change.

After all the revisions, i will develop a grid system to apply for the logo if needed, to make the logo look even stronger.

25% payment (will be included in contract)

After the form of the logo no longer need any changes, i will require another 25% of the total payment since the logo is nearly done.


When i received the additional 25% of the price, i start adding color to it and continue changing the color as you demand until it is able to represent your company perfectly.

Stationary and others

After making the logo, i design 1 business card, and 1 letter template as this is a part of the project. Any other design must be in the email contract, otherwise will not be possible unless we develop another contract.


When everything is ready to deliver, i will prepare a document (PDF file) about the files, logo form, color and measurement information. The document WILL NOT include how to use the logo because a good logo can be used in many different ways.

You will be able to see and approve the document before making the final payment.

The final 25%

When you approved the document, everything is already uploaded on my website, i will require the final 25% of the total price before giving you the download link.

By this stage, the logo as well as other designs will belong to you and it is my duty to deliver you the files.


The delivery for a typical logo design project includes: 1 logo file in AI format, 1 logo file in PDF format, 1 logo file in PNG format, 1 business card file in AI format, 1 business card file in PDF format, 1 business card file in PNG format, 1 letter template in AI format, 1 letter template in PDF format, 1 letter template in PNG format and any other design files if you require during the project (package design, posters, etc), each design will be in AI, PDF and PNG format.

After you downloaded and checked the delivery, if everything is OK, send me a confirm email and i will delete the uploaded file to make sure no one else can get the source files (i still store the files on my computer), the project is done.